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Zero Tolerance Entertainment Is Open For Business!

In a landscape cluttered with the assembly lines of generic smut houses, you would think the last thing the Valley needs is another adult entertainment company.


Think again.


Introducing Zero Tolerance Entertainment, a no nonsense, no holds barred pornocopia of high-quality filth for the true pervert in all of us. Fronted by industry veteran Greg Alves, Zero Tolerance adheres to strict, self-imposed guidelines to ensure that only the best makes it on to your local video store’s shelves.


“I feel that with all of my experience in retail as well as wholesale that I’m very in touch with what the consumer wants, not to mention that I’m a pervert myself. I want to make movies that I’d want to watch,” says Alves. “I am determined to make this company the most consumer friendly in the entire industry. We will welcome any and all feedback, good or bad. We want them to feel like a part of the team. Our product will reflect that philosophy and I believe we will be producing some truly outstanding titles.”


But don’t think that Alves is just making empty promises. In addition to welcoming open communication on the product between he and his consumers, Alves notes that there are certain steps he’s taking with the company to ensure that it stands out head and shoulders above the rest.


“We’re not going to be locked into a releasing schedule – we’re going to make good movies and when they’re done, they’ll be released,” he explains. “If we’re not happy with the quality of any scene, we will not use it.


“I’m a firm believer that the box sells the tape the first time, but the tape sells the tape the second time. We’re not going to deceive the customer and we’re not going to cut any corners – we’re letting the product speak for itself.”


The first title in the Zero Tolerance arsenal is Who’s Your Daddy?, a delightfully twisted romp featuring Taylor Rain in her first D.P. as well as a host of other slightly legal cuties. Did we mention that they all refer to their male partners as “Daddy?”


Says Alves, “This is a fantasy that we’ve seen on mainstream television as well as in the bedrooms of America. The phrase ‘Who’s your Daddy’ has become part of pop culture. This is something I love, and I’m sure there are countless others who will love it as well.”


Who’s Your Daddy? is slated for a late February release.


As for Zero Tolerance? This is only the beginning.


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